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Engineered Wood Flooring: 2-layer vs 3-layer

When it comes to picking out your wood flooring, there are a few differentiating factors to take into consideration when deciding between 2 and 3-layer engineered flooring. The main differences are in construction, size, installation, and cost. At Adige, we offer an extensive selection of engineered wood flooring, varying in thickness, wood species, finish and laying methods. Our wood flooring artisans, Itlas Pavimenti and Labor Legno, both ethically source their wood from responsibly managed PEFC or FSC® certified forests and offer both 2-layer and 3-layer wood flooring options.

So how do you know which flooring is best for your project? Let’s break it down:


A practical yet sophisticated option, 2-layer wood flooring typically has shorter boards, less thickness, and is therefore more cost-effective compared to 3-layer. Glue is recommended for installation since 2-layer flooring does not have solid fir backing. The specific surface finish varies according to the type of wood chosen, enhancing the beauty and natural quality of the wood over time. Each of our 2-layer lines have unique features, and we are available to help you choose the best fit for your project.

Legni del Doge
Legni del Doge is a prefinished two-layer planking line. The exposed layer is made from noble wood, available in different essences and finishes. With Legni del Doge, Itlas has created a practical and easy way to install flooring that is stable and resistant. A two-layer prefinished wooden floor that maintains its quality, elegance, and naturalness throughout time. Composed by a noble essence of hardwood and a multi-layer beech support with calibrated male-female joints on each four sides. Available in different sizes, Legni del Doge is a firm floor, ecological, precise, technological, resistant, and guaranteed. It’s a suitable and recommended product to be laid on irradiant heating floors.

Decora Oak
The Decora 2-layer wood flooring line features different formats with the same thickness. This line satisfies the need for matching the warmth of the wood with the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance. The water-based varnish used is highly resistant to dirt and deterioration, making wood flooring maintenance easier.

Uniko Oak
A wide range of clear and dark tones for a total of eleven oak finishes, one elm finish and one teak finish. Thanks to its shiny finishes, Uniko 2-layer wood flooring brightens every space and gives warmth to your home or office.

Carpazi Oak
The Carpazi engineered wood flooring features a first layer made of the finest hardwood. This 2-layer oak product is available in Natural, Scraped Oiled, Sand and Grey finishes which is suited to every space of your home thanks to its simple and versatile pattern.

Masseria Walnut
The 2-layer Masseria line features excellent durability and resistance. The walnut wood floor is considered a premium flooring, which is why it is ideal for elegant, classic, and refined environments. Features include tongue and groove on all 4 sides, a top layer of valuable prestigious wood with a thickness of 3-4mm, plywood support, large sizes, beveled edges, and glued installation.


Our highest quality wood flooring is made up of three layers, offering maximum stability and durability. The three layers are composed of solid wood, birch plywood core, and solid fir backing, orthogonal to the first layer of solid wood. With a thickness of 16mm and varying widths and lengths, 3-layer wood flooring works with multiple types of installation. We offer two premium 3-layer lines from ITLAS Pavimenti. To learn more or to figure out which line is best suited for you, send us a message.

Tavole del Piave
Tavole del Piave, our best-selling wood flooring, is a large prefinished 3-layer planking system, designed for floors, dropped ceilings and cladding. The exposed layer is in noble wood, available in different types and finishes. This line originated from a passion for wood, tradition, and artisanal work.

Assi del Cansiglio
Assi del Cansiglio is a large prefinished 3-layer planking, also ideal for floors, dropped ceilings and cladding, but handmade with artisan techniques and treated with eco-friendly water-based varnish and adhesive. The exposed layer is noble beech wood from the Cansiglio Forest, which is PEFC certified. This is a 100% Made in Italy product—from raw material to production—because the Cansiglio Forest is located just over 15 miles away from Itlas’ headquarters. This is an exclusive product, as it was born from the ambitious collaboration between a private company and the public organization which supervises the Veneto forests.

Still not sure which wood flooring line is the best choice for your project? Send us an inquiry and we can help guide your decision to enhance your home or office with quality and durability.