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Our wood flooring products are synonymous with beauty, resulting from research, design, craftsmanship and a thorough knowledge of materials. Our flooring is engineered for a wide variety of sizes, thickness, patterns, finishes and textures, and the durability that comes from the unique factory process. From plank, chevron, or custom designs—including hand-scraped finishes and exact color matching—to anything from modern and light to dark and sophisticated tones. Adige is the exclusive supplier for Itlas Pavimenti in Legno and Bassano Parquet in the New England area. Learn more about all available products and finish selections by contacting us today.

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Stability and quality

Our best seller, Tavole del Piave, is a large prefinished three-layer planking system, used to enhance the flooring to grant balance, stability and overall quality. The exposed layer features noble wood, the balancing counterface layer is made up of fir hardwood, and the central core is birch plywood, with at least five layers positioned orthogonally on the other layers to enhance its stability. Request a custom quote today.

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