Wood Flooring

Our sustainable wood flooring selections are synonymous with beauty, resulting from research, design, craftsmanship and a thorough knowledge of materials. Our flooring is durable, and engineered for a wide variety of sizes, thickness, patterns, finishes and textures.

Adige is the exclusive supplier for Itlas Pavimenti in Legno and Labor Legno in the New England area. Contact us to learn more about all available wood flooring products, including Adige exclusive finishes.

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Stability and quality

Our artisans value taking care of their forest heritage, the source of raw materials, and increasing people’s sensitivity and respect for nature. To learn more about what our wood flooring artisans are doing to protect the environment, read our sustainability guide.

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Adige Exclusive Finishes

We have four exclusive Adige wood flooring finishes. Contact us to find out more information.