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As a full service architectural material sourcing company, we offer an array of design and tailored consulting services for exquisite materials and artisan products from the initial design phase of a project through construction, in addition to interior design and furniture specifications. See our full list of services below:

Space Planning

Material Procurement

Product Procurement

Project Design

Interior Design

Custom Kitchen Design

Custom Closet Design

Interior Door and Dividing Systems

Custom Metalwork

Custom Marble Work

Custom Furniture Design & Production

Furniture and Accessories Selection

Lighting Selection

Finish Selection

Construction Documents

Dedicated Freight & Warehouse Services

Material & Product Procurement

Adige supplies represented products to industry professionals and homeowners alike. Whether we work with you during the initial stages of project design or propose new products based upon your existing architectural specifications, we have the expertise and experience to elevate your project with unique products.

Project design

Adige not only supplies extraordinary products, but accompanies clients from project development through installation and after sale service. From initial drawing production to final adjustments after installation, Adige works with local construction teams to ensure the products are properly integrated into the construction process. We serve as the crucial link between local project teams and our international artisans and suppliers. We are often called upon to work with architects and clients directly during the design phase to specify the products that are right for the design aesthetic of the project.

Interior design

Adige’s collection of products form a cohesive design expression. Passionate about design down to the selection of paint colors and artwork, full scope interior design services are available upon request.

Custom works

Artisanship is intimately related to customization, and at Adige we are able to produce bespoke one-of-a-kind creations that our clients dream up. From a custom stone carved sink, to a marble wall installation, to a custom closet island—we work with you to create whatever you or your designer dream of.

How it works

Our design phases

Step 1

The pre-design phase is when we are introduced to a project, and establish our client’s aesthetic and vision. Most importantly during this phase, we help refine the project scope and establish preliminary programming and the budget.

Step 2

The first phase of design is the exciting, fun part of the process for clients. Our goal is to convey the general spirit and feel of the project. At the end of this phase we will propose an aesthetic direction based on sketches and/or imagery, design elements including samples and finishes, and a budget estimate for approval.

Step 3

Next, we work closely with the client and the design team to select and specify the best materials and finishes required to execute the project. This can include materials such as flooring, kitchens, stones, bathrooms, doors, hardware, furniture, lighting and all other articles and finishes. We then refine the plan specifications for furniture layouts, color schemes and any other plan documents that describe the size and character of the project. Additionally, the budget estimate is refined based on anticipated project costs of all items selected.

Step 4

Upon the client’s approval of the final presentation, design proposals and budget, Adige will manage the full procurement process. During this phase, we produce and review shop drawings and samples for approval of all items. An accurate timeline and delivery dates will be shared with the client.

Step 5

This is where your tailored design comes to life. Your approved orders are made, produced, shipped and delivered to our warehouse, where they will be safely stored until the time is right in the construction line to be brought to your development, home or office.

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