The Studio

The why behind Adige Design

Who is Adige, and what does ‘Modern Artisans’ really mean?

We are a Boston-based, international full-service architectural material sourcing company, offering product procurement and full design scope services. We’re named after the Adige River in Veneto, Italy, paying tribute to our Italian roots.

Originally formed as an affiliate of a developer, our purpose is to have a dedicated team working with small suppliers and artisans in Europe to source top-tier, high quality materials. We call ourselves and our suppliers ‘Modern Artisans’ as we look for those with centuries of craft knowledge in their culture so we can implement them into modern-day spaces. Throughout Italy and France, we go to the mines, workshops, factories, and mills, diligently searching to discover special people producing unique and extraordinary products. Our goal is to seamlessly source these well-crafted products for our clients, while bringing business to small businesses and artisans who have little to no international representation. In turn, this allows us to offer Adige-exclusive finishes and products at competitive price point.

Detail-oriented and focused on craftsmanship, nothing at Adige is basic; everything is tailormade for each specific project. This allows us to bring a whole new level of quality and rapport to our clients, and help in creating unique, enjoyable spaces to live and play.

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