The Studio

5 reasons to work with Adige

We get it—there are so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. We make the process simple and easy.

A one-stop-shop

We are a full service design and architectural company. Rather than having to source and find all the right people for your project, we have it all right here at our office. From sourcing furniture and paint colors, to designing a custom kitchen, to ordering your wood flooring. We take care of our clients.

Exclusive products and finishes just for you

Many of our products are exclusive to Adige, meaning that you can’t get them anywhere else.

You’re supporting family owned, small businesses

We ourselves are a small team, but so are the suppliers and artisans we work with. From taking over the family closet business, to starting their own brand based off of their father’s blacksmith trade, we represent artisans and suppliers who don’t have large international reorientation. It also allows for us to cater to our clients on a one-on-one basis. We aren’t a large team of designers, our founders are the ones designing and sourcing.

Imported materials for a better price

A central expression of Italian elegance and modernity, our offerings feature wide variety of finish selections ranging from ultra modern European to traditional and transitional. We bring the Italian artisan furniture maker to your space, ensuring higher quality and competitive pricing.


Being mindful of where and how products are being made is now more important than ever. Many of our suppliers use ethical methods in sourcing their materials and sustainable processes for creating their product. Our wood flooring suppliers source their materials from PEFC™ or FSC® certified forests managed responsibly to sustainable economy standards. Our closet artisans pride themselves on their artisanal roots and quality materials while also striving to improve the production process by integrating high tech means and methods. Our office furniture designers’ production is the result of a thorough analysis of the demands of both the market and international production, adopting cutting-edge methods and technologies, to create products that are durable both for their taste and for quality, and that are therefore truly sustainable.

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