Sabina, Boston’s First Mezcaleria, Opens on Newbury Street

Excerpts written by Anna Arriaga for Boston Magazine

Boston has no shortage of self-described tequila bars, but far fewer local spots showcase the broader category of mezcal—and none, really, to the extent that they’d be dubbed a “mezcaleria.” Until now. From Allan Rodriguez, the restaurateur behind La Neta and El Centro, comes Newbury Street newcomer Sabina Mezcaleria, which debuted in late November. Rodriguez’ goal? To elevate how Bostonians tend to think about Mexican food and drink. He’s doing that by highlighting mezcal, a traditional distilled Mexican liquor made from agave—any agave, of which there are many varieties. (Tequila, on the other hand, can only be made from blue agave. In short, all tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila.)

A hand picks up a shrimp from a plate of three, each dipped in a creamy orange sauce. A bottle of mezcal sits in the background.

Sabina’s camarones roca en chile morita (rock shrimp in a creamy pepper sauce) with mezcal. / Courtesy photo

As you explore the menu and try your fill of mezcal, the velvety booths and dim lighting may entice you to stay a while longer and sip on other drinks, too. There are fruity cocktails aplenty, like the blood orange martini or a peachy rum and lime libation. The bar is run by [owner Allan] Rodriguez’ son, also named Allan Rodriguez, and the team makes all syrups and infusions in-house every day, from a peppery hoja santa syrup to a panocha (pure sugar cane) syrup. The team collaborated on the drinks with a mixologist from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, who specializes in incorporating Mexican herbs into cocktails, matching certain flavors with a mezcal, rum, or gin base.

If you make it to Sabina on a Thursday or Sunday, be prepared to be serenaded by live salsa. And Sabina is just getting started: Rodriguez and [chef] Romo have more in mind for their mezcaleria, with specials like pink mole made with beets, a potential jazz brunch menu, and mezcal tasting nights.

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